What does polyaluminium chloride do?

Polyaluminium chloride can effectively remove free residual aluminum ions, water coagulant after aluminum ion and aluminum salt water mixed with less dosage, good treatment effect, save 10-20% costs than other coagulants, following a detailed analysis of polyaluminium chloride can achieve the best effect, efficient polymerization aluminum chloride products first and Al2O3 content of more than 28 poly aluminum chloride flocculation manufacturer, the speed and the effect of sewage after adding the main observation of poly aluminum chloride solution, such as sedimentation tank alum, residual turbidity, the dose is too small, such as sedimentation tank alum turned on, the residual turbidity, amount is too large, should be adjusted.
1, according to the different situation of the raw water, do first test to obtain the optimum dose before use, for the convenience of calculation, test solution configuration according to weight ratio, generally 2 to 5% as well, such as the 3% solution, poly aluminum chloride, solid 3G, Sheng into the wash 200ml cylinder, add water to about 50ml, to be dissolved solution after diluted with water to 100ml scale, it can be.
2, the production of polyaluminium chloride solids: water =1:9 to 1:15, weight than the mixture can be dissolved, polyaluminium chloride content of less than 1% of the solution is easy to hydrolysis, will reduce the use of effect, the concentration is too high, difficult to throw evenly.
3, dosing according to small test to get the best dosage, add, and in operation, pay attention to observe, adjust.

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