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Micro-mega Industry is a based the research and development and innovation-driven company. We are committed to provide best quality product and professional service to meet customer require. We are operating one R&D center, a mid-pilot workshop and a Chemicals factory. Technology Innovation Establish Competitive Advantage and Professional Service Create Customer’s Value. 
In the pharmaceutical industry, we focus on the following three areas of the drug:
1 The Ribose and Nucleoside Derivatives in the field of anti-cancer and anti-viral;
2 The Nervous System disease drugs
3 The Hypertension, Diabetes drugs
4 Biological medicine field of intermediate products
It is one of key strategies of Micro-mega to improve our core competition ability by strengthening the independent innovation capability and continuous investment. We have the ability to accept the CRO and CMO business and wish to cooperate with all customers and grow together.

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