An ancient anti-inflammatory drug, salicylic acid, or has anticancer properties

I recently from the Gladstone Research Institute (Gladstone Institutes) the researchers found through research, salicylic acid can block the inflammation and cancer, salicylic acid is the key compounds of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug aspirin and two diflunisal in related research, published in the eLife journal. In this article, the researchers found that two salicylic acid and diflunisal could inhibit the two key proteins, these two proteins can control gene expression in the body, and the two called P300 and CREB binding protein (CBP) sister protein is a special epigenetic regulator, it can control promote and participate in inflammatory cell growth key protein level; salicylic acid and two diflunisal and P300 can inhibit the activity of the CBP protein, and inhibit the cell damage caused by inflammation.
Eric Verdin said the researchers, salicylic acid is an old drug, the drug can be traced back to ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, but now we have found this new use of old drugs, uncover the salicylic acid inhibition mechanism of inflammatory or occurrence and provide new clue for the development of new drugs. In earlier studies, researchers Stephen D. and Nimer also revealed the association between P300 and pro leukemia protein AML1-ETO, and in this study, the scientists examined whether inhibition of P300 can inhibit the mice leukemia cell growth by two diflunisal, as the researchers predicted, they found. In two diflunisal can effectively inhibit leukemia mice of cancer. The Nimer researchers pointed out that the re positioning of the old FDA approved drugs for the treatment of the new characteristics of scientists is the focus of research in recent years, we have a series of clinical trials using salicylic acid on blood cancer patients, and found that is safe for patients with salicylic acid in the body, this paper studies for the late development of new apparent genetic therapy to treat leukemia patients was helpful. Now, scientists hope for a variety of clinical trial to test the efficiency of salicylic acid or salicylic acid combination therapy in the treatment of leukemia, and the researchers also studied other fields using salicylic acid, such as the treatment of other cancers, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases; previous researchers discovered another contains Salicylic Acid drugs can inhibit tau protein dementia mouse model organism in neurons of accumulation, and protect the mice against the decline of cognitive ability.

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